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Are you interested in Blogging for your Small Business?

November 16, 2019

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Are you interested in Blogging for your Small Business?

Are you interested in Blogging or writing down your ideas to share with others?  Do you find yourself at a loss for words?  This happens to most of us who are creative and passionate about a topic.  To kick-start your creative mind, you should consider using a Blogging Ideas Tool.  There are many to choose from!  Start by searching on Google for “Blog Ideas Generator”.  Writing tools are invaluable to help stir your thought process.  Sometimes if you have a Blog idea it will help generate the writing juices needed to get you started.   Writer’s block is a real issue, but you can spend less time by using tools to help you generate engaging topics and keywords tailored to your topic.


As you start writing remember your audience and be creative offering advice, inspiration, how-to, travel, music, lifestyle, DIY, services offered, or niches.  It’s ok to show your personality but avoid religion, politics, or red flag topics.  Take a conversational approach so people can enjoy reading your article.


Be sure, as you begin writing, to take some time to research your topic.  Backup any claims you are making and reference sources you might use in your discussion.  Give others credit and encourage brainstorming together.  If you’re a small business and your blogging about your services you can use research tools such as HubSpot Research, Pew Research Center, and MarketingSherpa.


It’s imperative to spend time everyday writing.  The more you write the more effective you will become.  There are many expert writing tips offered online.  Schedule time to research and write.  Get into the habit of learning, studying, researching, and writing.  See what others have to say!  Soak it all in!  The best blog post is those which are unique and original.  Discipline is key as Content is King!


Writing is an excellent way to create a legacy online.  You can increase your conversions for business, develop your craft, mentor, teach, inform, and be authoritative in your industry.  The major search engines give blessings to those who are the expert, authoritative, and trustworthy, known as E-A-T.  Your blogging can help searchers find what they’re looking for… so get started! Write your Blog today and explore the possibilities.