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The Rise Of Voice Search

February 13, 2020

Voice Search - Google & Siri

Content and Context of Voice Search

Smartphones and the internet have changed the way we do business. In the past, if you wanted to purchase something you would rely heavily on family/friends and word-of-mouth to make a purchase decision. Those things are still relevant today however, the reach is far greater than your friends/family. People have the internet! 

We can search on any topic, product or service to research our purchase decisions. It’s fantastic! We need something we grab our phone and say “Google” what’s playing at the movies tonight?” Or we speak to our listener in the room and say, “Hey Siri, what’s a great recipe for dinner?” Sure, we might text our friends and ask advice but gone are the days where we call several people before deciding on the next big purchase. We are off to Google, Yahoo. Or Bing. We use Voice Search and we expect the search engines to perform their magic. And they do! There’s almost a moment of exhilaration when Siri replies back with something resourceful. We have rapidly adopted these little “robots” to work at our beckoning call. We use voice search like Kings/Queen. 

Content is King and Context is Queen. That’s right your voice search is monitored for the context in which you’re asking the question. So if you’re in your kitchen asking for a recipe vs being in your car asking for an idea for dinner—the search engines know the difference! As marketers, we must focus heavily on consumer behavior and voice search in order to write relevant content. We no longer keyword stuff to help customers find products/services and to help businesses show up online.

Technology has changed and continues to change and we must adapt or we will be left behind. This is a voice-first and mobile-first world. Just recently I used my mobile app to have my car picked up for service. My vehicle will parallel park my SUV on autopilot. My computer, phone, Fitbit, tablet, and laptop have the data synced on all devices. I can also connect my refrigerator, TV, and washer/dryer too–but I have set some boundaries for my life. 

What does this have to do with you or marketing your business? You must learn to touch, tap, and talk all at the same time! Investing in learning new technologies will ensure you are prepared in today’s world. Expectations are high and technology is not going anywhere.