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An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

October 19, 2019

Content Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing can be confusing. Social media, search engine, and video marketing – which is best?

How can a small business get a positive return on their digital marketing dollars? A well-planned strategy tailored to your business is the secret.

Know your customer

Every business has a unique target audience. It’s important to understand your customers and how they make their purchase decisions to determine which digital channel will be most effective.  Each specific audience – whether determined by behavior, geographic location or demographics has unique online usage preferences. A well-planned digital strategy ensures your business reaches the right audience, without wasting precious dollars on ineffective channels. It is imperative to be present online at the right time and the right place for your business to be seen by the right people.

Know your channels

Online these channels consist of social media, blogs, websites, mobile apps, mobile devices, display ads, and email marketing. Each channel reaches a different market, based on internet users’ preferences. Once you know your customer, through your own research or your digital marketing professional, you will be able to determine the best channel for your business.

Know your objectives

To build an effective strategy, set some goals. Digital advertising offers analytics that can help determine whether you are reaching set objectives like generating leads, holding a top-ranking search position or driving brand awareness.  Ask your digital marketer to supply the analytics for your digital program monthly or quarterly to track your progress. The objective is not simply ‘clicks’ – it’s an increased business. The analytics supply information to help make the best digital marketing decisions.

Know your digital marketer

Many small businesses take a do-it-yourself stance that can work, depending on the business.  Often working with a professional who can tailor a program is more cost-effective, allowing a business owner to concentrate on their business, not researching or using a hit-or-miss approach. It is important to find a professional who is authoritative and trustworthy. Make sure to get references and that you’ll have ongoing control over your website and other digital channels. Costs vary wildly in this field so a little research on the professional can save a lot of time and aggravation in the long run. The right professional can make your business blossom.