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What should you talk about on Social Media

October 19, 2019

Social Media Marketing Strategies for small businesses. Asheville, North Carolina - Waynesville, North Carolina

There’s a lot of chatter online.  We are consumed with news, videos, photos, recipes, and other endless content; hence we have information overload.  Sometimes it’s a real struggle to engage our audience and keep our personal life separate from our business life.  Have you considered what’s appropriate?  What should you talk about?

Sharing what inspires you or creating compelling content for your business is very important.  The end goal is to boost engagement and sharing.  You want to create an ambassador for your product/services.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, explore, and share your ideas.  Providing relevant and appropriate content is key!  People don’t want to hear about your personal problems online.  People want to be inspired!  Sharing information that matters provide value.  Finding videos and funny memes are great ways to break the ice with your target audience; though, keep it professional.

Industry-related content is a great way to relate your business to others in the industry.  Don’t be afraid to mingle with your competition.  Building relationships is important for a strong community online and offline.  Bring your Brand’s voice into everything you are promoting or sharing.  You want to strive to become the most followed in your industry sector.

Blogging is an excellent way to show people you are trustworthy, a leader, and committed to your Brand.  Be the authoritative source!  When you are writing your content focus on the questions people ask Google!  Do a search online for a topic and scroll down to the section where Google shows you what people are asking.  Be the one who shows up in this section!

Sure, people love coupons and promotions when shopping; but what about the other times?  People love real news (tips, recipes, how-to), upcoming events, live videos, forums, and conversation starters.

Share your blog post on your social media!  Draw people into your website or Blog.  Don’t focus directly on the social media platform.  Use the platform as a tool to bring relevant traffic to your own real estate.

The best way to be successful online is to get people talking!  People want to be heard.  Be sure you don’t ignore your audience.  When speaking with your target audience avoid politics, religion, financing, debates, or red flag topics.

Social Media isn’t all about talking.  Be a good listener and make an impression.

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