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Social Media Management Services When you think of small businesses in local communities, you think about lasting relationships. Your customers are the people you see downtown almost daily, serve on committees with, and see at local events. You develop trust by being involved in making your community better. The same philosophy holds true for building a successful Social Media Marketing effort. People buy from those they trust and we can help you select the right social media tools to build long-lasting relationships that connect you to your target market and help you speak directly to your customer. Call for your consultation and quote today!! Proudly serving all of Western North Carolina!

Linked In Marketing for Small BusinessBuild Social Media

WNC Social Media understands how overwhelming social media marketing can be for small business. We can help take the worry out and help you grow your online presence one media at a time. You are already an expert at what you do. Social Media Marketing can help you keep your local customer base engaged and help you grow that base by targeting your market and reaching out in fresh new ways. Your first step is to work with us in determining which social media tools will work best for you. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, Articles, and YouTube video are just a few of your options. With your business expertise and our Social Media Marketing expertise, we’ll help you develop an exciting and affordable plan to target your ideal customer and make a connection with them. Let’s talk about your online presence today! Together we’ll build it, one media at a time! Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest Articles, Blogging, YouTube

Facebook Marketing for Small BusinessConnect Social Media

Having fans is cool, just ask your local athletes, musicians and leaders. One of the great things about social media is that it gives local businesses like yours the same kind of chance for attention. WNC Social Media will help you develop your network of fans who love talking about your products and services, and will enthusiastically spread the word about your business and attract new fans. So, go ahead and get your accolades! Find your target audience online and grow your fan base today!

Twitter MarketingEngage Target Audience

The strength of a good community is staying engaged. Relationships are key. Everyone likes to do business with people they like. At WNC Social Media we focus on engaging your target audience by providing fresh content on topics they’ll want to share and talk about. Ongoing relationships are key to helping your business grow and retain customers. We do 80% engaging and 20% marketing, and fresh content is the key to keeping the conversation going. Keep it simple and interesting 80% Engaging with 20% Marketing

Blogging WordpressInfluence

Word of mouth has always been the strongest and cheapest marketing source for all businesses! Word of mouth is strongest when you trust the source and believe in their expertise. WNC Social Media will help you become an authoritative, knowledgeable and trusted source for your type of business. We can provide you with simple online tools that teach you to blog and write articles demonstrating your expertise, or we can provide you with fresh content as needed. Why not start now to spread your influence online!
  • Be Authoritative
  • Knowledgeable
  • Trusted and Liked
  • Involved

YouTube Marketing

The Power of Video

YouTube, the well-known video sharing site, can also be used as an effective marketing tool for small businesses. Even if you only sell products locally, your small business can still benefit from having its own branded channel on YouTube. WNC Social Media can help you set up your You Tube channel, and we’ll show you to use your electronic devices – like smart phones and tablets – to easily produce videos for your channel. If you’d prefer, we can shoot video for you and develop a script through our Web Content Writing Services. Viral videos have helped many companies expand their operations and build their brand effectively. By creating your own YouTube channel, you can market your products around the world and have all of your videos located in one easy to find place that carries your brand. We do 80% engaging and 20% marketing.