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Surviving to Thriving Again

September 9, 2020

Marketing Challenges 2020

It has been a long year, and in many ways, 2020 has been a very frustrating and disappointing year, for both business people and private citizens. Both groups have had to endure shutdowns, quarantines, and restrictions on interacting with other people, and all of that has led to a drastic change from the normal conduct of life which previously existed.

However, in many areas of the country some of the restrictions have now been relaxed, and it has become possible to think about thriving again instead of just surviving the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some things to consider as you emerge from the shadow of this horrible disease, and begin to anticipate a return to normalcy.


Many business people have been forced to adopt new ways of conducting their operations, for instance by accomplishing things remotely, or in the case of some stores and restaurants, by offering curbside, contact-less service. Some of these forced innovations may actually represent improvements over the way you were operating before coronavirus. Before automatically discarding all the new business methods, consider whether they might actually be worth keeping as part of your new business methodology.

Re-imagining your business

If your business is one which has had its employees working remotely during the shutdown period, by now you should already have discovered whether or not that has been effective, or whether it has been a huge hindrance. Undoubtedly, many businesses will have found that they can accomplish just as much through remote operations as if the employees were actually on the premises. Can you re-imagine your business as one which operates in remote mode indefinitely? You might be able to save on office space leases if that’s the case, and that carries with it all the savings on heating or air conditioning as well as electric bills and other savings. 

Springing back

As the impact of the pandemic begins to relax, you should prepare yourself with a brand new attitude – one of optimism and hope for the future. No matter how badly you’ve been beaten down by all this, it will get much better soon. You have to believe that, and you have to be ready to make it happen for yourself. If you just have a business-as-usual attitude, you might never break out of the funk which your business has been forced into. With an approach that centers around re-establishing a successful business, you’ll have a much better chance of springing back into success.

Confronting challenges

There will certainly be challenges in the aftermath of the pandemic, simply because there are always challenges to be confronted in daily life and in the business world. As you deal with each of these though, consider it as a localized challenge which can be managed with some hard work or by using some of the special skills and knowledge you possess. Keep in mind that whatever kind of challenge you’re faced with, it won’t be nearly as bad as coronavirus was – so you can definitely handle it.

Taking advantage of opportunities

Just as there are always challenges that must be dealt with, so opportunities that arise. When business opportunities arise, be ready to take advantage of them, and don’t let your dulled business senses prevent you from acting promptly. There probably haven’t been many worthwhile opportunities that popped up during 2020, but when the next year rolls around, that could all change. Be on the lookout for some significant opportunities which can help your company grow and become more profitable, and don’t be afraid of taking a significant step if that’s what it takes. An extended period of downtime can make cowards of us all, but when all the restrictions start fading away, be ready to put your brave face back on and tackle any worthwhile business opportunity.