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Create a Disruptive Marketing Strategy

October 16, 2020

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Create a Disruptive Marketing Strategy 

In today’s highly competitive business world, customers are literally bombarded by marketing messages from every direction, and in every kind of format. That makes it necessary for the modern marketer to re-think their traditional practices, in an effort to come up with something unique and original that will catch the attention of consumers everywhere.

This is what disruptive marketing attempts to accomplish. A recent study showed clearly that the vast majority of consumers in this country prefer to patronize brands that set new standards, push the boundaries, and go well past the norm. In this kind of atmosphere, traditional marketing simply won’t cut it, and it takes the new and more daring approach of disruptive marketing to break through to consumers.

In essence, disruptive marketing attempts to cast aside all the traditional marketing rules, to shake things up, and to change people’s perceptions about your products, your company, and your industry. Here are some ways that today’s marketers are being successful in implementing disruptive marketing and reaching the modern consumer.

Understand your industry and customers 

The best way to understand your customer is to walk a mile in their shoes. Customers nowadays expect companies to have an understanding of their expectations and their specific needs, and that makes it necessary for you to have a thorough knowledge of your target audience. Find out how they spend time, what their needs and wants are, what they expect from your company, and then figure out what it would take to surprise them. Use analytical tools like Google Analytics to gain insights into your target audience’s behavior.

Be different and do the unexpected 

Your company should have some kind of competitive advantage over your rivals, and this should be promoted and exploited in ways that consumers do not expect. Try to create a buzz in the industry with something remarkable about your products, because these are the kinds of messages which get noticed. Auto manufacturer Nissan recently engaged in some disruptive marketing by selling new automobiles on Amazon’s website and having them delivered in the traditional Amazon cartons. There were only about 100 cars sold in this manner, but it created some tremendous buzz in the industry, and consumers were definitely captivated by the idea.

Complete new products/services and improve services

Creating a new product or service is one sure way to shake up your target audience, and to create something new and relevant in their lives. If you have already done research on the wants and needs of your target audience, you should have some ideas about new products which might be useful to them and which might solve a problem they have.

Another way of approaching the same issue is to improve the services that you currently offer to customers. For instance, maybe your retail store could begin a delivery service that allows customers to order products from home and have them delivered directly to their doorstep. Listen to customers’ feedback and implement change which is based on that feedback, so your customers will feel more engaged with your company, and that their opinions really matter.

Find Relevancy and Be Relevant 

One of the most powerful aspects of disruption is that it creates experiences that are relevant to consumers. According to the national Brand Relevant Index, brands that are consistently relevant and make a huge difference in the lives of consumers are the ones that are typically the strongest brands. 

Interior fragrance manufacturer Air Wick recently developed an interactive digital tool that helped users match their ideal scent with a particular mood they wanted to create in their households. Data scientists created the quiz behind this tool by using the results of scientific research involving people’s moods as they related to various categories of scents. The online tool became extremely popular with consumers, and while a number of homeowners scrambled to discover their ideal fragrances, the Air Wick company enjoyed a dramatic increase in sales.

Lorelei Garnes, MSc.
Create an Experience Online.
Be the Disrupter.