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How to Avoid Marketing Pitfalls 

How to Avoid Marketing Pitfalls  Making mistakes in marketing is almost a guaranteed thing, especially when you’re first becoming involved with advertising and marketing. However,

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Why Marketing Strategy Matters 

Why Marketing Strategy Matters  Lorelei Garnes, Msc.Digital Marketing Specialist What’s your game plan for prospective consumers and turning them into your customers? Sometimes it can

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Find and Capture Your Audience

Find and Capture Your Audience  Before you can sell anything to anybody, you need to have a clear idea of just who your target audience

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Create a Disruptive Marketing Strategy

Create a Disruptive Marketing Strategy  In today’s highly competitive business world, customers are literally bombarded by marketing messages from every direction, and in every kind

Marketing Challenges 2020

Surviving to Thriving Again

It has been a long year, and in many ways, 2020 has been a very frustrating and disappointing year, for both business people and private

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After you set up your business website and engage in social marketing, you may wonder why some campaigns are successful, while others flounder. Are you