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Why is Content so Important for Your Website? 

May 19, 2022

Ecommerce Website Designers

Fresh Content is Imperative

Most marketing experts agree that video is the hottest thing in marketing and advertising, and that’s why virtually every website will have some form of video in place to reinforce the general idea of the content. But, did you know written content remains just as important? Compelling content keeps visitors on your website when providing authentic, relevant, and trustworthy content. Here are some other reasons why written content is imperative.

It creates a space for you to show your expertise 

When you can present yourself as an authority or expert in your industry, you’ll organically gain the respect of your audience.The audience will come to trust you. Readers will look to you for advice on how, what, when, and where type questions.Blogging is an excellent tool for establishing yourself or your company as the expert in a particular subject or field. 

It drives traffic when people are seeking information about their questions 

The valuable information conveyed on your website is information that a consumer can use in their day-to-day lives, and it may even solve problems. By posting this kind of information regularly, you can position yourself as someone in the know, and users will automatically return to your site to find out the next piece of helpful information you might be delivering.

It allows the search engine to see your current status 

Search engines are constantly crawling the Internet, looking for trustworthy content to display in response to users’ search requests. You might make frequent posts or tweaks to your website to keep it current, and search engines will detect that. When you keep your content fresh, search engines are more likely to give you a high rating because it shows your site is relevant and fresh.

It builds trust with your customers 

The net effect of supplying visitors with helpful information or solutions to their problems is that, over time, you build trust with your customers. They have obtained valuable information from you, and they expect to receive even more in the future. By posting helpful content, you’ll be fulfilling a need they have, which builds trust.

More content means more natural keywords 

In the past, adding extra keywords to your content was a technique used to rank in search engines. That is no longer the case, and in fact, keyword-stuffing is penalized by the search engines because it adds no value to the reader. However, by adding more content to your site, you’ll be including more natural keywords in an organic way rather than an artificial one. All these reasons show that posting high-quality content on your website is still extremely important if you want to drive more traffic to it and eventually increase sales.