Content Creation & Development - Paired with Content Marketing

We can help you create engaging, valuable, and relevant content for your small business website and social media. Today it's more important than ever to optimize your business so the search engines can find your business.

Content Creation is not the same as Content Marketing

Content Creation is your website copy (content) which helps sell your value.  We offer Content Creation & Development along with Content Marketing.  Content Marketing is about attracting and engaging an audience to your owned-content which offers a value – like Blogging. 

Content Creation and Development starts with your website.  Your website should tell your Brand’s story using engaging content giving customers the information they need to make a buying decision.  You want to be informative and shown as an authoritative source for your industry.

WNC Social Media Buzz, Inc. offers professional content marketing and development for SEO techniques such as blogging, citation building, profile building, articles, graphics and other social media content.

Fresh Content is important for your website to rank higher in the major search engines! We do this by writing keyword-driven text that the Search Engines love, while giving your website a natural flow of language with an organic feel.

We keep customers coming back by offering engaging content making you the authoritative source for your business/industry.  This ensures that your website is also authoritative to the major Search Engines.

Our services include not only writing, but research. We can cover almost any topic, and it’s all done by a native English-speaker, right here in the United States. Plus, we develop content with search engine optimization in mind, to ensure you get the most value out of your website.

Content Marketing Strategies include:

  • Branding & Creating Your Business Voice
  • Creating Rich Content
  • Integrating Communication Marketing Channels
  • Building Relationships
  • Create Viral & Inspire Organic Content
  • Emotionally Reach Your Target Audience
  • Help you to be Trusted and Liked online
  • Encourage Sharing
  • We help you get Involved with your customers online


Additional SEO services to promote your content:

  • Back-links to your content/website, by helping you find highly searchable websites, and link them back, creating a strong linking system.
  • Search-engine friendly coding on the back-end of your website.
  • Social Media Marketing strategies driving business to your website.
  • Engaging & Authoritative Content
  • Citation Listings

So, what’s your story?  Everyone has a story and “Your Story Matters”