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Search Engine Marketing

Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search Ads and paid search advertising are commonly used terms. There are three main platforms to run search engine ads on including Google, Yahoo, & Bing. Paid ads can be run on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. These types of ads are run in a “live auction” where competition runs high. Ads can be used to build brand equity, generate leads, convert sales, and used for marketing research.

It’s important you work carefully with a Digital Marketer to ensure you are getting the most from your Ads and PPC (Pay-Per-Clicks) campaigns. Are you misspending marketing dollars on overbidding or irrelevant clicks on your Ads? Overbidding is draining your budget which you can’t afford.

We can help you with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) — we can help you track your calls, website visits, and conversions.

Have you experienced poor performing ads
or misspent marketing dollars?

As a small business owner, we understand the importance of your marketing dollars.
It’s vital to purchase only relevant ads that convert to leads and the growth of your business.

Organic Optimization

Content is the New Marketing! We use cutting edge tools and analytics for data collection and management of your data. Your business needs to rank on Google, Yahoo, & Bing. These tools provide an accurate view of the customers who interact with your website and social media channels. We help you become an authoritative source for your industry.

Local Search

Have you ever used Google maps? Your location pack rankings are key to drive local business. Your business placement is important for local SEO when customers seek your business online. "Google my Business" is one of the most important local rankings for a business and it is imperative to be seen locally.

Paid Campaigns

Paid Campaign Ads help you reach your target audience by placing your target-driven Ads in front of people who want your product/services. These paid campaign programs offer top placement within minutes for Google searches across the Globe.

Social Media

Choosing the right social media channel is the first step in determining where to invest your time and money. We help you find the right network and boost those valuable posts to your target audience. Your daily post can be seen by an audience you specifically target with customized options.