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Search Engine Marketing

Strong ad campaigns strenthen your website visibility in search engine results pages.

relevant ads in front target audience.

What is Paid Search Ads?

Search Engine Marketing Services

Paid Search Ads and paid search advertising are commonly used terms. There are three main platforms to run search engine ads on including Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

Paid ads can be run on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. These types of ads are run in a “live auction” where competition runs high. Ads can be used to build brand equity, generate leads, convert sales, and used for marketing research.

Ad Campaigns consist of:

  • Ad campaigns
  • Ad groups
  • Ad text (Call-to-actions)
  • Keywords
  • Landing pages that convert

Have you experienced poor performing ads or misspent marketing dollars?

It’s important you select the right digital marketing company to ensure you are getting the most from your Ads and Pay-Per-Clicks campaigns. You could be misspending your marketing dollars. This occurs with overbidding or irrelevant clicks on your Ads. Overbidding can drain your budget quickly.