Responsive Website Design

A mobile friendly website is required by Google and Your Customers!
You can rank higher in the search engines with a fast mobile friendly website.

Mobile Friendly, Mobile Optimized, and Responsive.

Is your website easy to read?

Have you visited a website that’s hard to read? Did you have to pinch the screen to make the text viewable? These outdated websites are frustrating for anyone wanting to shop online or research a product/service. 

Have you been told your website should be responsive?  It’s pretty simple… it is a website with a layout that changes based on the visitor’s device. The website is built with a structure that changes as the device changes, and you only have one website to maintain.  

Items on your website should be easy to use on desktop, laptops, and mobile devices.  Google will rank you higher for it!

Responsive website structures include:


Padding and spacing



Navigation menus

That’s it… Showcase your value in 2 clicks or less! That’s right! Give your customer easy access to your products/services.

Mobile First Best Practices

Mobile Friendly Websites

Google implemented “Mobile First” standards for all websites indexed on this major search engine. It’s critical to have a mobile-friendly site that is optimized for all devices, to ensure your website is indexed ranked, and loads quickly.

When your website doesn’t view or load correctly customers leave and rarely return. You roughly 3-5 seconds make an impression. A customer’s first impression when visiting your website can impact their purchase decision.  So why not use those seconds wisely to help your customers find your  services/products.

Benefit of a mobile-friendly website...

Mobile friendly websites will allow your customer to find your product/services keeping.  This keeps your customer on your website longer.  Improving the time spent on your pages and increased conversion rates. Major search engines look for ranking signals such as, browser sessions, bounce rates, conversion rates, and number of visitors.

Enhancing your customer’s experience will ensure a better position in the search engines.

Key Elements for a mobile-friendly website:

Mobile Friendly Websites