Marketing Questions?

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Search Engine Optimization is a modern-day investment to help you showcase your product/services in all the major search engines.  When people search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing using voice search or keyword phrase — it’s imperative your website shows up!

Google expects your content to be relevant, current and authoritative. The most important techniques are promoting and marketing relevant content in front of your target audience.  Search engines consider many other factors when ranking your websites, such as current content, local citations, on-page optimization, speed of the website, number of pages indexed, back-links, and much more.

Content! Content! Content!  The major search engines love fresh relevant content.  Gone are the days of keyword stuffing.  You’re website should speak to the integrity of your business allowing you to be authoritative and trustworthy source for your industry.  

Search Engines rely heavily on Voice Search and has created a major shift in how the search engines rank your website.  You need to write content in a natural language, giving the end user enjoyable content on a user-friendly website.

When you enter search terms for your business and you are not listed, chances are your website is lacking fresh/relevant content, on-page optimization, and citations listings as a start. 

Your website is a road map for all major search engines to crawl, index, and rank.  Having a beautiful website without traffic will not be rewarding.  Working with a Digital Marketing Company is essential when advancing against your competition online.  Everyone wants to be on the front page of Google but the Algorithms decide…

We offer customized website services with on-page search engine optimization.  We optimize your content and website for voice search on all devices.  Our responsive website packages will perform well on all devices and come with a custom design, forms, a professional domain email, tracking analytics, and on-page optimization.

Your website will be submitted across all major search engines with a customized sitemap so your customer can find you. All websites come with the Google Analytics Tool installed to keep track of the number of visitors to your website.

An average 10-Page Website Package starts at $3,500 & up. Note, we mention the website package, because we provide you with a customized website that speaks to the integrity of your business. We prefer to avoid selling websites that perform poorly in search engines. A beautiful website is meaningless without a chance for the major search engines to recognize and rank.

This process is seamless and made easy for you.  We’ve had websites live in less than 14 Days.  It all depends on how quickly we collaborate and organize and publish your content.  We proactively pursue each project to ensure completion.  We will do our best to make sure we never hold up a project.

There’s many processes involved in submitting your website to major search engines such as Google.  Some tools are free and some are offered as a premium subscription.  The saying is true, you get what you pay for… the more effort and time invested into your online presence the less costly it will be over time.  To submit your website to Google, Yahoo, or Bing or any major search engines you will need to create a Business accounts with that platform.  Once your account is created you can submit sitemaps to the search engine.  To properly submit your website to the search engines you will need to study the process online or call a website professional.

Once your website begins to rank you can receive free traffic, but getting it to rank is tricky.  

If you want a DIY program you should focus on Quality Content (Blogging), Reciprocal Linking, Social Media Postings, or Google Business Listing (Maps); these are FREE.  However, organic reach on search engines and social media is very difficult to acquire.  Optimizing your Google Business Listing can be challenging.