Maintaining professionalism in the face of adversity.

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Lorelei Garnes

Maintaining professionalism can be a sensitive topic.  It’s easy to allow emotions to take over when facing adversity in business, and taking the high road is not always easy.  It’s important to maintain professionalism at your workplace, network meetings, and company-wide events. By conducting yourself as a professional and managing your composure, you’ll be viewed as a leader and trustworthy.  Have I always followed my own advice?  No!  But self-employment and running a small business has opened my eyes to overcoming adversity by thinking beyond the momentary emotions.

Adversity can come in many forms: physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, or financial.  Recently, I was faced with an awkward conversation concerning someone making false claims about my work ethic.  Immediately, I wanted to face it head-on with possible strategies to protect my reputation.  However, I stepped back and thought about all the tools in my toolbox. Hence, I’m writing!  It is crucial for me to surround myself with positive people who are supportive and encouraging. I have no room for detractors and naysayers, nor time and energy to squander on gossip, no matter how hurtful.  

Overcoming adversity can help you grow and allow you to push through a difficult situation.  Tools to overcome adversity include stress control techniques, writing/blogging, walks in nature, workshops, and surrounding yourself with positive people. Often adversity is simply a mechanism to reflect.  There is a purpose for our experiences, perhaps it’s just to begin to accept other people’s flaws, imperfections, and mistakes.  Changing your mindset will favor moving forward, away from adverse situations.

Maintaining professionalism in adversity starts when you stop caring about what other people think and builds when you truly believe in yourself.  You will always have temptations to measure yourself against others or to strike out at a perceived injustice.  But finding passion and embracing your abilities and skills can help you leave a strong legacy behind. Take a moment each day to be thankful, be blessed and be positive.

You’re still going to face adversity; however, you do not have to allow it to turn you off your path to success.

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