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July 17, 2020

Website Designer Lorelei Garnes

After you set up your business website and engage in social marketing, you may wonder why some campaigns are successful, while others flounder. Are you spending your marketing dollars wisely and getting a good return? Outsourcing your digital marketing needs can be expensive and difficult to coordinate; doing the work inhouse may seem daunting or may not have been effective. While everyone can’t be an expert in online strategies and development, our clients find they can gain control of their digital marketing through personalized training, tailored to their specific needs.  

Training for you and your employees 

Many clients have come to us in need of some kind of online training for their employees, and this is an area where we have special expertise. We can provide hands-on, intimate digital marketing training which includes in-class instruction, so students can have all their personal questions answered. In a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where no one will be intimidated, your employees can learn by asking and by doing, either in one-on-one sessions or in groups of six individuals.

We can instruct your group on the principles of modern marketing, including pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and web analytics. Any kind of how-to questions that need to be explained can be comprehensively dealt with by our instructors. If you need a better understanding of data analytics and how to track emerging trends in your market, we can certainly advise you on those issues. This course of instruction will also include some thorough discussion on those digital marketing strategies which are the most advantageous in today’s business climate.

If you have a business in Western North Carolina, or in any of the nearby communities, we’d love to hear from you, so we can form a mutually beneficial relationship that will springboard you into the kind of business growth you didn’t think was possible.

We offer marketing courses, boot camps, seminars, consulting, and tutoring of individuals or groups, to get them up to speed in any area of digital marketing which will be beneficial to your business. We can customize any training program to address the specific issues which are most important to your business, and ensure that you or your employees have a firm grasp on all the most important issues.

Other areas of expertise 

While we can provide top-notch training to any group you desire, training is not the only area of excellence which we have to offer. We also specialize in e-commerce website design and development, so if you need your site re-designed or upgraded, we can provide you with an online storefront which will be more responsive to your mobile customers, and which will satisfy all visitors to your site. 

You might want to consult with us to get the most out of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), so that whatever ad spend you have available to you can be put to best use. Whether it’s through paid ads or through SEO-optimized organic searches, we can help your advertising campaigns achieve more by customizing those expenditures to your specific business objectives.

If you need to know more about your customers, and their behaviors when they visit your website, we can work with you to use Google Analytics so you can collect and evaluate all that information. When you have a better idea of how visitors to your site behave and what interests them the most, you’ll be able to customize your approach to those visitors much better.

Sometimes your site would benefit by having more compelling copy featured, because once you have attracted visitors to your site, the information there must be interesting enough and it must have terrific value for your followers, or they’ll simply go elsewhere. We can work with you to craft content for your site which offers value and interest to your visitors, while also providing useful information about your company and your products.

Social media advertising is something that no business can afford to overlook, and everyone should have a presence on social media these days. If you’re not sure how to go about this, we can work with you to find which of the social media your target audience spends time on, then tailor your online presence to interact with these potential customers, and get their feedback about your company and products.

Contact us 

If you need help in any of the areas described above, we would really love to hear from you. We have helped many businesses in the Western North Carolina area, and we’re confident that we can give your business a big boost as well. Contact us today, so we can discuss just which areas you might need help with, and we can customize a solution that will help you achieve your business goals.