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Lorelei Garnes

Lorelei Garnes started WNC Social Media Buzz in 2012. She stepped out of the corporate world on faith believing she could share her talent with small businesses. Lorelei has worked with the public sector for over 20 years and is passionate about working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. She loves abiding and working in the heart of Western North Carolina. Lorelei has been providing this region’s, small business community, with state-of-the-art websites and online marketing resources for the last 8 years. Being a small business owner herself she understands the growing pains of developing a business, which is why she believes that WNC Social Media Buzz succeeds when you succeed.

Lorelei has been a Western North Carolina resident for over 25 years and working as a programmer/trainer for over 15 years. She graduated cum laude from Western Carolina University holding a degree in Computer Information Technology and she has a degree from Southwestern Community College in Business Administration.

Today, she is currently attending Liberty University completing her M.S. in Digital Marketing and Advertising.

She is proud to provide high-quality web design and SEO marketing services, locally and globally.

Team of Experts:

Here at WNC Social Media Buzz, we collaborate with a team of experts including content writers, graphic designers, programmers, and tech-savvy gurus. We love working with small business owners looking for a new website seeking to rank organically on major search engines.   We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), both On-Page and Off-Page. We will partner with you to build an attractive, informative website, as well as, a successful online marketing plan. A plan that will keep working for you all hours of the day, every day of the year, regardless of whether you are at work in the office or not. We will incorporate your social media marketing plan, along with a current and effective SEO plan.

WNC Social Media Buzz can also provide you with regular updates to your web content; however, we are also delighted to travel to your place of business to train your staff. If requested, we will consult with your staff and develop training programs that will empower them to add custom content to your website. In turn, helping you grow your website in stages, and we never hold your files hostage – you will always own them and have access to them.

We also offer custom-built websites, professional graphic design, and content writing services. All our websites are built with Google-friendly code and optimized on the page. We are Google Adword certified, Google search engine trained, and savvy with HTML 5 and Bootstrap.